Hirana | Features

Platform Features

Powerful yet simple. Designed to make organising your business a breeze.

Event Management

Plan upcoming events and keep all your information in one central location.

Centralised Record

All important information for your events in one simple platform.

Fully Flexible

Custom fields, file uploads and notes mean you'll always have a place to store information.

Intuitive Interface

Events are the core of your business. Hirana is laid out with this in mind.

Sales Cycle

Keep track of events as they go through your sales pipeline.

Keep Track

Track events as they move from opportunities to planned events via a simple pipeline view.

Win More Events

Better clarity on what stage each event is at makes it easier to know when you need to act.

Drag & Drop

Easily progress events through the stages of your pipeline so your whole team knows what's happening.


Organise rotas with a simple interface. Allow staff to access their rotas automatically.

Event Rotas

Rota shifts are structured around events. It's fast and intuitive to assign staff members to shifts, and make changes.

Rota Log

Admins can export shifts worked for any time period, making payroll processing quicker and easier.

Staff View

Staff can view shifts via the mobile app. Email notifications automatically give them a summary of shifts.

Contact Management

Improve management of your relationships with event organisers.

Relationship Management

A full view of everything you know about each of your contacts, so you can maintain better relationships.

Contact Information

Assign contacts to events so you and your staff know who to contact, and how to contact them.


Organise contacts by company so you have a birds eye view of the companies you work with.


Track vehicles using mobile technology, and organise vehicle allocation for events.

Vehicle Tracking

Via mobile app, staff track the location of vehicles, creating a full location history accessible from the platform.

Service Dates

Service, MOT and other dates can be stored in the platform so you know when vehicles need maintenance.

At A Glance

All other information about vehicles is stored in a simple, single location.


Plan equiment for events, and make sure this equipment is packed and returned after use.

Plan in Advance

Plan what equipment is needed for each event in advance.

Check In & Out

As equipment is packed, check it in. As its brought back, check it out.

View Discrepencies

Discrepencies are shown to keep track of lost or damages equipment.


Plan menus for events, make sure the correct food is packed, and keep a record of allergens.

Plan in Advance

Plan or estimate what food, and in what quantities, you will be serving at an event.

Check In & Out

Check food in as its packed to make sure you have everything you need.

View Allergens

Allergens are stored in the system and can be easily updated.


See important data about your business for better informed decision making. Export the data you need at anytime.

Pipeline Performance

Keep track of how often you convert events from opportunities to planned events.


View logs of events or rota shifts to inform planning and payroll.

Purchasing Lists

Based on the food assigned to upcoming events, download a summarised list of ingredients for easier purchasing.

Access Anywhere

Mobile App

Track vehicles and access all event information from the mobile app. Giving staff members the information they need reduces reliance on constant communication.