Hirana | Event Management App for Caterers & Food Stands

Event Management Platform for Caterers & Food Stands

Hirana helps you plan, organise, and monitor. In one simple platform.

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Businesses made better with Hirana

Hirana makes staying organised extremely easy, so I can focus on growing the business.

Hugo Tracey
Los Churros Amigos

All my staff know where they need to be and what they need to do, without endless communication.

Paul Taylor
Intuitive and Quick

Organisation, Without the Struggle

Hirana is a collaborative platform that makes organising your business simple, and fast. Plan events and staffing, manage contacts, track your vehicles, and more.

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Fully Flexible

Customisable, Not Technical

No two businesses are the same. Hirana allows for simple customisation to tailor the platform for your requirements. No technical experience needed.

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Packed With Features

Build by caterers. Built for caterers.

Quick & Meaningful Insights

Hirana makes it easy to see important information about your business in real time.

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Better Collaboration

Teamwork Made Easy

With the staff platform, access to important information is quick and simple so everyone knows what they need to know, when they need to know it.

Access Anywhere

Staff can access the platform from their own devices using the dedicated mobile app, for IOS and Android.

At Their Fingertips

Event information, such as shift times and allergens, can be viewed within a matter of seconds.

As It Happens

Features like vehicle tracking and equipment management allow staff to record what happens, as it happens.

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